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'Hacking Team' Data Breach Confirms Firm's Ability to Infiltrate Jailbroken iPhones
Cybersecurity firm Hacking Team experienced a data breach earlier today, resulting in 400 GB of its documents being leaked onto the Internet, reports The Guardian. The documents confirm Hacking Teams ability to infiltrate and monitor jailbroken iPhones on behalf of government
Apple Working to Add Home Sharing for Music in iOS 9
With the release of iOS 8.4 and the new built-in Apple Music service, Apple removed Home Sharing for music on iOS devices, a move that many Home Sharing users have been
Apple Retail Stores to Offer Third-Party Accessories in New Apple-Style Packaging
Apple is planning to introduce new co-designed packaging for many of the third-party accessories that it sells in its stores, according to retail store information shared by 9to5Mac. Apple has reportedly been working with several third-party accessory manufacturers on packaging
Purported Schematic Suggests 'iPhone 6s' Could Be Slightly Thicker, Retain Home Button
A purported schematic for the so-called iPhone 6s obtained by Engadget Japan (via BGR) reveals that the next-generation smartphone could have a thickness of 7.1mm, a slight increase over the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which measure 6.9mm and
'iPhone 6s' Logic Board Suggests 16GB Base Model and Updated NFC Hardware
New images of the logic board from the next-generation iPhone 6s have been obtained by 9to5Mac, a few days after the site shared photos from an unnamed source which showed that a new, updated Qualcomm LTE chip could be in
How Apple Music's Liking System Works to Customize 'For You' Recommendations
Apple Musics main draw is its focus on curation and its ability to learn about your music preferences to provide recommendations that suit your tastes. Apples new Music app focuses heavily on content discovery, with an entire For You section
'iPhone 6s' Again Rumored to Feature 12MP Camera With 4K Video Recording
A sketchy and unconfirmed internal document posted by an alleged Foxconn employee on Chinese microblogging website Weibo (via PhoneArena) corroborates rumors that the next-generation iPhone could feature a 12-megapixel rear-facing camera with 4K video recording and 240 FPS slow-motion capabilities.
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Apple Stores to start sales of first HomeKit-enabled thermostat on Tuesday
Apple online and brick-and-mortar stores on Tuesday will start selling the ecobee3, an Internet-connected thermostat compatible with Apples iOS-based HomeKit framework.
Apple's push into automotive spurs race to cash in on car-as-device gold rush
Rumors of automotive product entries from Apple and Google are prompting carmakers to look beyond traditional toward revenue streams fueled by data, the first being a reported joint overture for Nokias HERE mapping service
Apple looks to bring Home Sharing back in iOS 9, Eddy Cue says
Following revelations that Apple removed the popular Home Sharing feature from iOS with its latest version 8.4 update, SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue said the company is working to services with
How to make Apple Music do more with Siri voice commands
While Apple Music has drawn a lot of comparions with other streaming services, like Spotify and Google Music, on iOS it does have at least one special trick: Siri voice commands.
Apple Stores to reportedly debut third-party accessories with co-designed packaging
Apple Stores will soon get a more uniform look as select third-party accessory makers adopt packaging co-designed by Apple, part of a larger transition toward a "premium feel" under retail chief Angela Ahrendts.
Review: Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i wireless game controller for iPhone and iPad
The Mad Catz Micro C.T.R.L.i is the most affordable iPhone- and iPad-compatible wireless game controller on the market, and that alone will make it the ideal choice for many mobile gamers, even though its
Apple Music scores another exclusive with Eminem's 'Phenomenal' music video
Eminem dropped an epic music video-cum-short film for his latest single "Phenomenal" on Friday as an Apple Music exclusive fraught with product placement courtesy of Apple Watch and iPhone.
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Arccos Golf review: Club sensors and iOS app can pinpoint where your golf game needs work
As a golfer and a techie geek, I’m always interested in gizmos that marry the two together. A few years back, I wrote about GolfSense, which uses a sensor on your golf glove and an app on your iOS device
MindNode 2 review: Makes Mac brainstorming a breeze
The human brain may be great at coming up with ideas, but it’s not always efficient at organizing such information in any meaningful way. That’s where a technique known as mind mapping comes into play, extracting information from your cranium
Sparkle 1.2.3 review: Mac-friendly web design app needs a bit more luster
In the field of Mac web design programs, River SRL’s Sparkle 1.2.3 (Mac App Store link) lands between Blocs’ do-it-for-me ease and Macaw’s free-form flexibility. Like a raw gemstone fresh from the mine, Sparkle’s still a bit rocky from some
QuarkXPress 2015 review: Chock full of new features requested by you
The past several versions of QuarkXPress added features that were most requested in Quark’s user surveys, and QuarkXPress 2015 continues this strategy. For example, they changed its version numbering scheme to indicate the year of release (otherwise this would be
Henge Vertical Dock review: Your Mac laptop stands tall
When I did a review roundup of Thunderbolt 2 docks last May, I decided not to include the Henge Vertical Dock. (This review looks specifically at the Henge MacBook Pro with Retina Display Vertical Dock.)Like the docks in the roundup,
Mikme microphone promises studio quality sound in a tiny package
Capturing good audio isn’t easy. But it’s essential if you’re recording a new track, producing a podcast, or chatting over Skype.If you don’t know the first thing about what makes for a good microphone it can be a long and
Tweetbot 2 review: Twitter Mac app has a crisper design but is a work in progress
When a service you use has its own free software, why turn to a third party for an alternative? The folks at Tapbots continue to answer that question with each update to their Tweetbot client for Twitter, available both in
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Struggling Samsung’s profit falls for seventh consecutive quarter
Samsung Electronics reported a seventh straight year-on-year fall in quarterly operating profit...
‘Steve Jobs’ movie trailer fuels debate over Michael Fassbender
The much-anticipated Steve Jobs movie has created a stir...
Why GoPros are the only camera worth buying right now
Apple’s latest ad campaign, Shot on iPhone 6, uses iPhone photographers...
Why Apple wants an OLED iPhone by 2018
If the worlds leading display suppliers have their way...
Apple’s 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’ is on the way
Sharp will be primarily responsible to supply displays...
Prince Harvey recorded his entire album at the Apple Store
After a second computer failure left him without a means to record his album...
Apple Music: Save songs, albums and playlists for offline listening
Save yourself significant amounts of money on data charges...
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Eddy Cue Tweet: music Home Sharing may return in iOS 9
In the fallout about music not being able to be shared with Apples Home Sharing feature to iOS 8.4 devices, Apples Eddy Cue has responded on Twitter. In response to the barrage of
The MacNN Podcast, episode 22: The Sound of (Apple) Music
Time once again for another episode of The MacNN Podcast, this time episode 22! Since it was quite a notable week, this weeks chat between Editor Charles, Managing Editor Mike, and staffers Michelle,
Daily Deals: Ultra HD Dell monitor, MSI notebook, Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Welcome to Daily Deals, the post where we scour online retailers for discounts, offers, bundles, and sales on hardware, software, and games for you, the discerning MacNN and Electronista reader. Weve wiped the
Editorial: Taking off the Apple Watch for one week
Quick proposal, began the message from managing editor Mike Wuerthele. How about not wearing your Apple Watch for seven days? Ive just gulped typing those words to you and its some hours since
NBA star claims iPhone related injury responsible for lower accuracy
A NBA player is blaming the screen size of Apples iPhone 6 plus for a persistent arm injury. San Antonio Spurs player Matt Bonner is citing his own experience, as well as that
Microsoft reportedly close to RTM Windows 10 build finalization
Microsoft is allegedly close to finalizing software included in the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 10, one that it will be providing to manufacturers to install on their computers, notebooks, and
App Update: iWatermark Pro, Pixy, HoudahSpot, more
App development has taken off in the last few years, making it increasingly difficult to stay on top of all the latest versions. To help all of you out, we here at MacNN
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Why compatibility isn't just a computer problem anymore
Some people I know who dearly love their Sonos speaker systems were feeling nervous this week as Apple launched Apple Music. Would Sonos support Apple Music, and vice versa? Some tweets from Sonos and Apple made it clear that it
What Apple Music Connect needs to succeed
Apple Music’s Connect is designed to foster connections between artists and fans, but there’s not much to love yet on either front. For listeners, Connect is pretty bare-bones and hasn’t offered much in the way of new content. Musician and
The Week in iPad Cases: HEX's Supply Sonic Backpack has all the space you need
...plus keyboard cases, standard hard shells, and more!This week’s roundup of new iPad cases includes cases with extra padding from Belkin and OtterBox, keyboard cases from The Snugg and M-Edge, lovely bags and backpacks
The Week in iOS Apps: Tweetbot, Snapchat, Hangouts get big upgrades
New upgrades to old favoritesThis week’s roundup of iOS includes fresh upgrades for some of your favorite apps—plus a few new apps for those of you impressed by
Apple needs a television advocate
We’ve barely delved into Apple’s latest grand experiment with online media, but I’m already looking forward to the next one. I’ve spoken of my hopes for Apple’s rumored television service in the past, but after a few days with Apple
The 10 Mac games you need to play from June 2015
Junes Mac gamesSummer might be an ideal time to get out and catch some rays, but that doesn’t mean that you should abandon quality time playing games on your Mac. And if you have a
The Week in iPhone Cases: Optrix's Body Glove Pro is a must for underwater photography
...plus more photography cases, a case for outdoor use, and more!This week’s roundup of new iPhone cases includes a carabiner case from Beeline, classic styles from Case-Mate, Incipio, and Incase, and much more.Beeline
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Ex-attorney general says DOJ could negotiate with Snowden
Edward Snowden might be able to see his family in person again -- and (if things go his way) not from behind bars, either. According to former Attorney General Eric Holder, theres a possibility for the Department of
The Universe might contain millions of hidden black holes
Black holes are, by definition, impossible to see by conventional methods and are often further obscured by thick blankets of dust or gas. But thats not an issue for NASAs Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR). It can peek
Samsung's profits down again as it misreads demand for newest phones
Samsung predicts that its earnings from April-June of this year will likely be down four percent from last year, suggesting that sales of its newest flagship smartphones have failed to hit the mark. However, it will still be
Army scientists build smaller, tougher, cheaper solar cells
Army researchers at the Redstone Arsenal have announced a significant breakthrough in solar energy production. Theyve created a photovoltaic solar panel that is smaller, more robust and less expensive to build and operate than any other panel curren...
Google's latest science camp for kids starts on July 13th
If you want your kids to learn something while theyre out of school but would rather not ship them to some distant summer camp, Google is about to come to your rescue. Its kicking off the latest edition
Gene-modded mosquitoes will fight Dengue Fever in Brazil
The Brazilian city of Piracicaba has a potent new weapon in the ongoing fight against Dengue Fever, which infects more than a million people annually: genetically modified mosquito lotharios Created by Oxitec of Abingdon, UK and bred locally
In these new cars, your phone gets its own air conditioner
By Kim Lachance Shandrow, Entrepreneur StaffSmartphones dont play well with hot cars. If youve ever received the dreaded temperature warning on your phones home screen after leaving it in a sizzling vehicle for too long, you know exactly
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Fitness app data shows which states are more unhealthy than yours
Smug Californians now have proof they’re better than you. A couple of the most popular fitness apps in the App Store have pooled their data to figure out which U.S. states have the best (and worst) health habits. They examined…Read
Hub hotel has smart rooms you run from your wrist
I typically look for two things in a hotel room: Internet included with the room and free breakfast. But a new hotel in London’s Covent Gardens might have me adding some things to that list. The recently opened Hub hotel…Read
Hey, Siri: Play a fart sound
If you’ve got the future strapped to your wrist and an iPhone paired with said Apple Watch, you can prank your friends with the lowest form of humor imaginable: the fart sound. You’ll also need Apple Music, as this trick…Read
Minecraft: Story Mode stars two Goonies and a Pee-Wee
Minecraft has always let you tell your own story with it’s open-world sandbox game. You can dig, build, fight zombies, and even explore amazing worlds built by other Minecraft fans and find your own way to play. Now, though, Telltale…Read
Safety-minded Kiwis want Apple Watch off the road
The Apple Watch may not be available in New Zealand yet, but that isn’t stopping some safety-minded organizations from seeking to ban it, and other smartwatches, from use while driving. “A second’s inattention at the wheel can result in tragedy,”…Read
How to listen to Apple Music without burning your data
Apple Music is at heart a streaming solution, designed so that you can listen to any of the tens of millions of songs in its library at any time, assuming you have a data connection. These days, though, unlimited data…Read
‘iPhone 6 ended my season’ cries NBA player Matt Bonner
This is not an Onion article, though you may have been fooled into thinking that given the preposterous headline. NBA forward Matt Bonner has won two championship rings with the San Antonio Spurs, but after suffering his worst shooting percentage…Read
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Introducing Apple Music — All The Ways You Love Music. All in One Place.
Apple today unveiled Apple Music, a single, intuitive app that combines the best ways to enjoy music — all in one place. Apple Music is a streaming music service, a worldwide live radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day, and
Apple Previews iOS 9
Apple today unveiled iOS 9, giving a preview of new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch software that will be available this fall. In this upcoming release, iOS devices become more intelligent and proactive with powerful search and improved Siri features
Apple Announces News App for iPhone and iPad
Apple today unveiled an all-new News app delivering the best news reading experience on any mobile device. Available with iOS 9 this fall for iPhone and iPad, News combines the visually rich layout of a magazine with the immediacy and
Apple Announces OS X El Capitan
Apple today announced OS X El Capitan, a new version of OS X that refines the Mac experience and improves system performance. Building on last year’s release of OS X Yosemite, El Capitan introduces enhancements to window management, built-in apps,
Apple Previews New Apple Watch Software
Apple today previewed watchOS 2, the first major software update for Apple Watch, giving developers the tools to build faster and more powerful apps running natively on Apple Watch. Starting today, developers can take advantage of innovative hardware features of
Apple Pay Giving Shoppers Even More Ways to Pay
Apple today announced Apple Pay is adding support for rewards programs and store-issued credit and debit cards with iOS 9. Apple Pay will also give shoppers more ways to pay in the U.S., expanding merchant acceptance to over one million
Apple Pay Coming to the UK
Apple today announced that starting next month, Apple Pay will be available to customers in the UK, bringing them the easy, secure and private way to pay. At launch, over 250,000 locations will accept Apple Pay, with support from eight
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