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Hands-On With the Apple Watch: A Developer's Experience at Apple's WatchKit Labs
Earlier this month, Apple began inviting a select number of developers to an Apple Watch development lab in Sunnyvale, California, located near the companys main Cupertino campus. Developers were invited to reserve a testing appointment to test their Apple Watch
Apple Hasn't Approached NBC Over Content Deal for Upcoming Streaming TV Service
Over the past couple of weeks, rumors have leaked pointing towards an Apple-branded streaming television service that could include 25 channels for $30 to $40 per month with partners like CBS, ABC, and Fox. NBC and parent company Comcast are
Apple CEO Tim Cook Speaks Out Against Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law
Apple CEO Tim Cook today sent out a series of Tweets condemning Indiana Governor Mike Pences decision to sign a controversial religious freedom bill into law, saying Apple is deeply disappointed in the move and open for everyone. Apple is
'Wunderlist' for Apple Watch Brings To-Do Lists, Agendas and Reminders to Your Wrist
Wunderlist has provided a closer look at its Apple Watch companion app, which appeared on the App Store on Thursday ahead of the devices launch next month. The app is designed with a unique Home View that provides access to
'Citymapper' and 'Transit App' Offer In-Depth Looks at Transit Experiences on Apple Watch
As a few popular iPhone apps begin rolling out updates for their built-in Apple Watch apps ahead of the April 24 launch, a pair of transit-focused services have posted on Medium to share detailed looks into exactly what kind of
Intel's New 3D NAND Technology Allows for Greater Than 10TB Solid-State Drives
Intel and Micron on Thursday announced the availability of new 3D NAND technology that enables high-density flash devices with three times more storage capacity than other NAND technologies in production. 3D NAND technology is also more cost efficient than planar
Apple Announces April 10 Grand Openings for Apple Watch Shops in London, Paris, and Tokyo
Apple today officially announced April 10 grand openings for its three dedicated Apple Watch shops located in high-end department stores in London, Paris, and Tokyo. As previously outlined, the store-within-a-store locations are at Selfridges in London, Galeries Lafayette in Paris,
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Apple's new MacBook employs unorthodox keyboard design to achieve maximum thinness
To pursue its continuing obsession with thinness, Apple has gone to extraordinary lengths with the keyboard on the new 12-inch MacBook, redesigning it in a way that is thoroughly distinct from its Macbook Air and MacBook Pro stablemates.
Google, Johnson & Johnson to partner on surgical robot technology
Google has formed a partnership with medical and consumer goods firm Johnson & Johnson that will see the development of robots to help surgeons in the operating room, according to an announcement made on Friday.
Meerkat works around Twitter social graph, Vine gets 720P update, and Instapaper adds 'speed re(...)
A trio of popular media apps received updates Friday, with live broadcasting app Meerkat gaining upgrades to compete with Twitters Periscope, while Vine moves to 720p video and Instapaper adds Instant Sync and Twitter "textshots."
Apple has not approached Comcast about Web television deal
Amid rumors of an Apple branded streaming television service, Comcast asserts it has not engaged in any discussions with the company about licensing NBCUniversal content to air alongside programs from potential partners ABC, CBS, Fox and more.
Apple's Tim Cook plans to give away all of his money
Apple chief executive Tim Cook has revealed plans to donate the vast majority of his wealth to charity before he dies, saying that he wants to develop a "systematic approach" to philanthropy.
Tim Cook 'deeply disappointed' by new Indiana anti-gay law
Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday stood in opposition to a new Indiana law that allows businesses in the state to legally discriminate against gays and lesbians, while calling on Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson to veto a similar measure that
BlackBerry sells just 1.6M smartphones in Q4 as software, services grow
Canadian device maker BlackBerry on Friday revealed yet another quarterly decline in hardware sales, moving just 1.6 million smartphones in its fiscal fourth quarter as its once-dominant device business continues to retreat.
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WhatSize review: Easily shed files on a bloated hard drive
Millions of files lurk in your OS X installation, many of them useful! In an age of spinning hard-drive plenty, in which a 3-terabyte drive is cheap and fits in the space a 250GB or 500GB one did a few
OmniOutliner 2.3 for iOS review: The best outlining app goes universal
A good outline is an evolving idea. It’s a workshop for hammering out the greater shape of something—a paper, presentation, business plan, book, screenplay—by adding, discarding, and rearranging information.And like most ideas, an outline isn’t confined to one location, such
Review: Zagg Slim Book Case and Keyboard for iPad Air
The Zagg Slim Book iPad Air Case with Backlit Keyboard is not only one of the longest-named products I’ve ever encountered, but also a competent Bluetooth keyboard. It offers backlit keys for late night typing sessions. Shortcut keys let you
Hands on with Google Calendar for iPhone: An awesome calendar for Gmail addicts
On Tuesday, Google launched a dedicated calendar app for the iPhone—one of the final missing pieces of Google’s apps suite for iOS. And Google Calendar for iPhone doesn’t disappoint: It’s a gorgeous calendar app that mines your Gmail account to
Withings Aura review: Track your sleep, and possibly your cat's too
Between never-ending Netflix binges and Kindles full of page-turners, we have plenty of distractions to keep us up at night. But you’ll surely regret that decision the next morning if you have a full day of work ahead of you.
Copy, Paste, Repeat: Finding the best clipboard manager for Mac
OS X’s clipboard has always been a transient storage place, intended to hold whatever you copy or cut just long enough to paste it somewhere else. Once you copy something else, that new snippet overwrites whatever’s already on your clipboard.
Review: LastPass for Mac protects your passwords but needs polish
The gold standard for password vaults on the Mac is 1Password. Now in its fifth major release, 1Password has matured along with its userbase. One of its most stalwart longtime competitors, LastPass, has had an iOS version, but OS X
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Why Apple’s ResearchKit signals a golden age for health care
Apple has used thoughtful design and its market strength to create a powerful new platform...
The Apple Watch will play with your attention, increasing it in some cases and reducing it in others
How many of us have meant to do one small thing on the iPhone and then...
ifoAppleStore shuts down after 14 years
After following Apple retail for 14 years, I’ve reached a happy ending...
Why there will be lines for the $17,000 gold Apple Watch Edition
We saw this with the iPhone...
AT&T’s plan to watch your Web browsing – and what you can do about it
AT&T examines each customer’s Web traffic...
Apple Watch hands-on: A Developer’s Experience at Apple’s WatchKit Labs
The design and the feel of the Apple Watch were described as absolutely amazing...
Steve Jobs’ biographer Schlender: Elon Musk is the next great visionary
In a standing room only event at Apple Inc.’s shiny SoHo store...
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Hands On: Nisus Writer Pro 2.1 (OS X)
The very name Nisus may bring you back to the 1990s and if it doesnt, then one look at the software possibly will. Thats cruel: it is nothing less than fantastic that Nisus
Best Buy completes assimilation of Future Shop brand, 66 stores closed
Canadian technology retailer Future Shop has essentially been absorbed into parent company Best Buy overnight. While 66 locations were completely shut down overnight, 65 locations will be reborn as Best Buy stores on
Hands On: Carbon Copy Cloner 4.0.6 (OS X)
Nothing digital really exists unless it exists twice. For all that we have these great interconnected cloud services, there is still a hard drive holding on to our data somewhere and all hard
Hands On: Zoidtrip 1.3 (iOS, Android)
Zoidtrip by Arthur Guibert is a game about a squid-like sentient kite … or something. Its a simple arcade style scrolling game of avoiding walls for as long as you possibly can. Its
NBC denies ever having television streaming discussions with Apple
Throwing some doubt on the veracity of earlier reports by the Wall Street Journal NBCUniversal has said in a letter to the US Federal Communications Commission that not only is it not keeping
Apple game roundup: Pillars of Eternity, Mr. Jump explodes, Broken Age
Weve had some emails about our Sunday game roundup -- it turns out that some of you want Apple-specific gaming news, as sources for that seem to be in short supply these days.
Hands On: Blink 1.0 (iOS)
There is an argument that Blink is a single-use app for a very specific and therefore limited market: it helps you quickly make App Store links with a code in to get you
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The Week in iPad Cases: Build your library with book-style cases from Pad & Quill and Portenzo
Build your library with book-style cases from Pad & Quill and PortenzoThis week’s roundup of new iPad’s cases includes colorful themes from Portenzo, a reliable standby from Body Glove, and a convenient keyboard option
The Week in iOS Apps: Periscope and Stre.am join the videocasting revolution
Periscope and Stre.am join the videocasting revolutionThis week’s roundup includes two new apps that let you broadcast live video straight from your phone. Plus, we have a new “Star Wars” game.
The first Apple Watch apps have arrived, sort of
The Apple Watch won’t launch until late April, but a couple dozen apps have already arrived.As 9to5Mac reports, several app makers are now advertising Watch support in their App Store listings. That means users should be able to download the
You Should Play: Mr. Jump might just be the most difficult one-touch platformer on iOS
These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting
Apple's Tim Cook leads different
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Oculus's chief scientist: VR will succeed because your vision sucks
Virtual reality has been just beyond our grasp for decades. The parts to build VR headsets were too expensive, the technology too rudimentary to convince anyone that what they were seeing was real.Virtual reality has become more accessible and less
How Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp coexist under Facebook
Facebook’s $22 billion acquisition of popular messaging app WhatsApp last year raised some eyebrows. Facebook already has a popular messaging app, the in-house Facebook Messenger, not to mention a popular photo-sharing app, Instagram. Why did it need to bring yet
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Hillary Clinton confirms she wiped her email server
Members of the US House of Representatives hoping to get a look at Hillary Clintons personal email server just got a big disappointment. Clintons attorney has confirmed to a House committee on Benghazi that, after handing over work-related
Emvio's smartwatch will tell you when you're stressing out
Smartwatches are growing ever more capable by the day. Sometimes, though, theres no harm in a little focus. Enter Emvio, a watch with one core goal: to help you manage stress. There are no message notifications or apps,
Best Buy is shutting down Canada's biggest tech store chain
Best Buy is a mainstay of tech shopping in the US, but it knows that its small potatoes in Canada -- it kept the countrys better-known Future Shop chain going for years after a takeover, even after opening
AMC's channels come to PlayStation Vue
If you were intrigued by PlayStation Vue as a substitute for cable TV but refused to sign up until you could watch The Walking Dead, its time to hop aboard. Sony has added AMC Networks to Vues channel
Chrome OS beta is getting a new launcher with Google Now
Intrepid folks running Chrome OS beta will soon get to test a huge new feature thats not quite ready for stable release: Chrome Launcher 2.0. This version looks more like a new tab on the Chrome browser than
HTC One M9, law-abiding cars and other stories you might've missed!
Saturday is finally here and its a great time to catch up this weeks top stories. We review the HTC One M9, learn about Fords new car that will force you to obey the speed limit and get
NASA is working with Russia on a new space station
Russia is teaming up with the USA to build ISS 2.0 once the current ones funding runs out in 2024 -- at least according to Russia Today and state news agency TASS. The countrys space agency, Roscosmos threatened
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The most awesome new apps you might have missed this week
Hot deals ending soon: VPN protection for life, Dragon Dictate, BatteryBox & more
You’ll find supremely awesome deals on cool products for your Mac, iOS device, and more every single day at Cult of Mac Deals. The offers at Cult of Mac Deals are so good, though, that they just cannot stick around…Read
How Wunderlist works on the Apple Watch
Wunderlist is already one of the best apps to get things done on your iPhone, and soon, it will be just as good on the Apple Watch. In a post on their official blog, Berlin-based Wunderlist developer 6Wunderkinder goes into…Read
How App Store optimization can harm indie developers
I followed the advice of an App Store optimization expert last year in an attempt to promote my iPhone app. Big mistake. It felt wrong at the time, and it did more harm than good. Now I’ve learned to trust…Read
ifo Apple Store, the best Apple retail blog, is ending
Well, this is a bummer. Gary Allen, perhaps the most respected voice and enterprising reporter in the Apple Community when it comes to Apple’s retail presence worldwide, is retiring from the blog he founded, ifo Apple Store. Founded in 2001,…Read
Here’s what Super Mario 64 looks like running on an iPhone 6
Excited that Nintendo is planning on releasing iPhone games in a new collaboration with mobile developer DeNA? Here’s a taste of what it could end up being like: Nintendo’s gaming classic Super Mario 64 running on an iPhone! Yesterday, Unity…Read
The only good way to brick your MacBook
  I pretty much love Apple and Lego in equal measure, so the idea of somehow combining the two is never going to fail to win my approval. Assuming that I’m not the only person to feel this way, allow…Read
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Apple Unveils All-New MacBook
Apple today unveiled the all-new MacBook, a thinner and lighter line of notebooks available in gold, silver, and space gray aluminum finishes. MacBook features a 12-inch Retina display; a full-size keyboard; the all-new Force Touch trackpad; a compact USB-C port
Apple Updates 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and MacBook Air
Apple has updated the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display and the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air. “Today, the popular 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, 11-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Air all received significant upgrades,” said Philip Schiller,
Apple Introduces ResearchKit, Giving Medical Researchers New Tools
Apple today announced ResearchKit, an open-source software framework designed for medical and health research that can help doctors and scientists gather data more frequently and more accurately from participants using iPhone apps. World-class research institutions have already developed apps with
HBO NOW Premiering in April; Subscription Available to Apple Customers
Apple and HBO today announced HBO NOW is premiering next month, making an HBO subscription available directly to Apple customers for the first time ever. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV users can purchase HBO NOW directly in-app as
A New Take on Feature Film Post-Production
After researching several workflows, directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra decided to edit “Focus” — a major new Warner Bros. film starring Will Smith — entirely in Final Cut Pro X. The results were even better than they’d expected. Final
Apple Reports Record First Quarter Results
Apple has announced financial results for its fiscal 2015 first quarter ended December 27, 2014. The company posted record quarterly revenue of $74.6 billion and record quarterly net profit of $18 billion, or $3.06 per diluted share. These results compare
App Store Rings in 2015 with New Records
The first week of January set a new record for billings from the App Store. Apple customers worldwide spent nearly half a billion dollars on apps and in-app purchases, and New Year’s Day 2015 marked the single biggest day ever
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