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Apple Releases OS X Yosemite Golden Master Candidate to Developers
Apple today released a candidate golden master version of OS X Yosemite to developers, just over two weeks after releasing the eighth Developer Preview alongside the third public beta of the upcoming Mac operating system. The latest update for developers
Mass Production of Apple Watch Reportedly Slated for January 2015
Apple is reportedly finalizing the details on its upcoming Apple Watch as it prepares to begin mass production of the device ahead of its launch early next year. Mass production of
Velvetwire Unveils First Smart USB Charger Powered by Apple HomeKit Technology
Smart energy company Velvetwire today announced Powerslayer Blu, the latest addition to its Powerslayer lineup of USB chargers. This new model offers Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connectivity and is compatible with Apples HomeKit technology rolling out with iOS 8. Apples
Samsung Supplying Apple with Panels for iPad Air 2 and 12.9-Inch 'iPad Pro' Later This Year
Samsung will supply Apple with displays for the second-generation iPad Air and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro starting later this year, reports Korean-news outlet inews24 (via Digitimes). The Korean company will begin manufacturing the displays in the coming months, as the
European Union Accuses Ireland of Giving Apple Illegal State Aid with Tax Deals
The European Commission today announced the results of its formal investigation into Apples tax arrangements in Ireland, accusing the company of receiving illegal state aid from the country, reports The
Apple Watch Makes First Public Appearance at Parisian Fashion Boutique Colette
As indicated by an announcement yesterday, Apple has teamed up with Parisian fashion boutique Colette to show off the Apple Watch at the retailers gallery on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris for today only. The special event marks the first public
Apple to Launch iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in China on Friday, October 17
Apple has announced that it will be begin selling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus beginning Friday, October 17. The devices will be available through Apples online store and retail locations in China and will also be sold at
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Microsoft looks to distance itself from Windows 8, jumps to Windows 10
Software behemoth Microsoft on Tuesday announced that its next-generation desktop operating system would not follow the numerical progression of its two predecessors -- which would have made it Windows 9 -- but will instead be called Windows 10.
Apple Watch steals the spotlight during Paris Fashion Week
Huge crowds --?and some of the worlds most sought-after models --?greeted the Apple Watch during its Tuesday debut in Paris, as the wrist-worn device captivated the attention of the glitterati in town for Paris Fashion Week.
Apple provides golden master of OS X Yosemite to developers
In a sign that the next-generation Mac operating system is near release to the public, Apple on Tuesday released a golden master candidate of OS X Yosemite to developers for testing.
Rumor: Apple Watch manufacturing to begin in January, Quanta to be sole supplier
With the Apple Watch set to debut in early 2015, a new rumor suggests the company plans to begin manufacturing its upcoming wearable device in January, and that Taiwans Quanta Computer will exclusively handle that responsibility.
Evercore raises Apple price target to $125, sees bigger iPhones leading to bigger sales
Bigger iPhone 6 screens are likely to result in a bigger upgrade cycle for Apple, in the eyes of Evercore Partners, which increased its price target to $125 on Tuesday and advised investors to buy in.
Jony Ive, Marc Newson showcase Apple Watch to fashion luminaries in Paris
The Apple Watch has attracted some of fashions biggest names to its one-day-only showing at Parisian boutique Colette, with industry icons like Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld turning up to get a look at Apples long-awaited foray into the wearable
European Commission finds Ireland's tax deal with Apple amounts to illegal state aid
In an official preliminary finding published on Tuesday, the European Unions antitrust watchdog said it believes Apple is receiving special treatment from Ireland in the form of tax agreements, a situation that constitutes state and could therefore be viewed as
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Blogo 2.0: WordPress editor returns from the dead
If you run a WordPress blog from your Mac, you’ve got a couple of options when it comes to editing the text of your posts. There are, of course, WP’s own built-in HTML and WYSIWYG editors, which you access in
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus review: Bigger is in fact better (in the right hands)
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Painter 2015: Faster, more stable, incredible new brush tools
It’d be easy to begin by rhetorically asking how “the world’s most authentic digital art studio” (as Corel has described Painter) could get any better. But that wouldn’t be an honest question. If you’ve ever used Painter, which is geared
Xscope 4.0: do-it-all tool that every graphics pro should have
Achieving pixel perfection is a challenge that plagues developers and designers alike—the capability to measure, examine, and discover every last detail of your onscreen designs is often what makes it possible for great apps and great graphics to become a
Get to know iOS 8: Customize your Notification Center with handy new widgets
Among iOS 8s many new features are some cool ways to let you interact with your apps without actually having to open them. Interactive notifications are one example, and another is the brand-new widgets available in Notification Center. Apple is
Our favorite iOS Apps, September edition
As we do every month, Macworld staffers got together to chat about the best apps they’ve been using recently. Here are some that have recently captured our imaginations (and perhaps a spot on our homescreens), whether they’re tiny apps from
Livescribe 3 review: Turns your handwritten paper notes into digital text in real time
Capturing notes in a classroom lecture or business meeting can sometimes be a daunting task. And, if you’re like me, the race to capture the spoken word and put it on paper can sometimes keep you from listening to what’s
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Five things we learned about Apple Watch at Paris Fashion Week
1. You will definitely want one...
5 apps you should sync to Apple Health
Which apps connect with Apples new Health app...
Apple’s Jony Ive and Marc Newson show off Apple Watch at Colette event in Paris
The mysterious invitation was indeed for the Apple Watch...
Steve Jobs built a FUD deflector shield for Apple
The guy’s hands are literally trembling from the force he exerts in his FUD attempt...
Apple sues headphone entrepreneur for claiming to be Beats co-founder
Beats, now owned by Apple after a $3 billion acquisition, doesnt like...
AnandTech reviews Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 6 Plus: ‘Definitely a great phone’
Overall, the iPhone 6 Plus is definitely a great phone that builds on...
Apple blacklists Europe’s best-selling computer magazine Bild over ‘bendgate’ video
Purveyors of FUD get what they deserve...
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Foxconn struggling to hire people to help with iPhone 6 production
Foxconn has embarked on an aggressive hiring campaign for its Shenzhen and Zhengzhou factories, hoping to improve production of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, according to Digitimes. The site indicates that because
Quanta to begin Apple Watch production in January 2015, report says
Taiwans Quanta Computer will only start mass production of the Apple Watch in January 2015, according to a supply chain rumor from Apple Daily. Apple has only officially stated that the Watch will
Belkin revamps Express Dock; adds Thunderbolt 2, 4k support
Accessory manufacturer Belkin today introduced the Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD with cable, a cross-platform docking solution designed for both OS X and Windows-based computers. Equipped with two Thunderbolt 2 ports, the new
Colette event gives public behind-glass glimpse at Apple Watch
Todays Apple Watch event at Colette mostly involves units running on demo loop behind locked glass, visitors say. Members of the press are being allowed to wear the product, but even then, the
Apps: FotoMagico, Mailplane, BusyCal
Decade-old Apple versus Real will see trial, possibly in November
The new judge on the Apple versus Real anti-trust case has declared that there is enough evidence to go to trial, after nine years of litigation and a judges retirement during the process.
EU accuses Ireland of giving Apple illegal state aid
As expected, the European Commission has issued a preliminary finding in which it suggests that Apple is receiving illegal state aid from the Irish government. In the light of the foregoing considerations, the
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China’s iPhone 6 approval is good for Apple, bad for smugglers
Not everyone who waited in long lines outside Apple stores earlier this month was buying a new iPhone for themselves. Many of those buyers were plunking down cash and then hopping flights to China to resell the new devices. But
From scandal to reality: TV news coverage of Apple ‘Bendgate’
Hands-on with Places, Waze’s latest feature
Community-powered navigation app Waze got a major update on Monday, which introduces a new feature for sharing info about destinations. Dubbed Places, drivers can share information about local businesses and residences with other Waze users, providing tips and photos of
Apple Watch is about more than technology: It's fashion
As he concluded the inaugural iPad event back in January 2010, Steve Jobs summed up Apple’s mission in a single slide. Two street signs were labeled Technology and Liberal Arts, and he explained that Apple operates at the intersection. With
Belkin's Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD adds much needed ports to any Mac
While the notoriously cost-conscious PC market hasn’t embraced Thunderbolt technology yet, you can’t buy a brand-new Mac from Apple without it having at least one Thunderbolt port. Thunderbolt’s versatility means that Apple can keep its computers slim and the ports
Gird your wallet: Apple reportedly has a Retina iMac ready to launch
Apple clearly wants to bankrupt you, if rumors of a 27-inch Retina iMac scheduled to launch with OS X Yosemite this year are true.iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks already have super high-resolution Retina displays, but when Apple refreshed its iMac line
Meet the first crop of third-party keyboards for iOS 8
iOS power-users, the Android-envy can stop now: Third-party keyboards have arrived. While the majority of iOS users likely find the default iOS keyboard works just fine, other alternative keyboards have cropped up that offer some capabilities that many may find
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Belkin intros new Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD
Mac users who have those speedy Thunderbolt 2 ports on their MacBook Pro with Retina display or Mac Pro now have a wonderful new way to increase the connectivity of their devices. Belkin today released the Thunderbolt
There's something very disturbing about this Apple service shop ad
I dont want to say Macland -- an Apple shop in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland -- has a poor advertising strategy, but if theyre relying on ads like this to get foot traffic in the door, they might
Apple releases OS X bash Update 1.0
If youve been worried about the recent discovery of a security flaw called Shellshock in the bash UNIX shell, you can rest easier. Apple released OS X bash Update 1.0 to fix the issue, which made it
Those idiot kids who were bending iPhone 6s have (sorta) apologized
Yesterday a video of two teenagers going into an Apple Store and forcibly bending an iPhone 6 spread with lightning speed across the internet. Apparently the heat has gotten to the teens, as one of them has
Apple accused of receiving illegal state aid in Ireland
Apples alleged exploitation of a tax ruling in Ireland is getting some attention from the European Commission. In a preliminary finding that labels the treatment the company has been receiving state aid, Apple and several other large
Fashion boutique Colette shows off Apple Watch
The world of fashion and the world of Apple collide today in Paris at the famed Colette fashion boutique. Rather than a runway walk of skinny models wearing the latest couturier styles, Apple and Colette are showing
Flickr Find: The original Apple Watch
Here is an original Apple Watch straight from the markets of Malaysia. The smart-looking watch was purchased, photographed and shared on Flickr by Cameron Talley....
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Apple reportedly punishes German mag for its iPhone 6 Plus bend test
An iPhone 6 bend test left a German tech magazine with bigger worries than a needlessly broken smartphone: The publication was reportedly banned from future Apple events and told it would no longer receive the Cupertino company’s latest products for…Read
Apple seeds OS X Yosemite GM Candidate 1.0 to developers
The official release of Yosemite is nearly here, as Apple has just seeded the Gold Master of OS X 10.10 to developers. OS X Yosemite GM Candidate 1.0 is now available in the Mac Dev Center or via the Mac…Read
How to fix Bluetooth connectivity in the car after iOS 8.0.2 broke it
Apple’s release of iOS 8.0.2 brought a number of bug fixes to the new operating system, but many iPhone users have reported Bluetooth connection problems with automobiles, including some of us here at Cult of Mac. Since the iOS 8.0.2…Read
Name your own price bundles: Learn to code, get design assets and more
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get some fab stuff? What if, while you are getting that awesome stuff, you could make the world a better place? And then, just for good measure, you could get to be the…Read
Beyond touchscreens: Apple eyes touch-sensitive holographic displays
Apple is investigating touch-sensitive holographic displays for future Macs and iOS devices, according to a new patent published today. As described, the patent would emulate the current touch-based interface for iPhones and tablets, only using near-field proximity in place of…Read
Jony Ive and Marc Newson show off Apple Watch to crowds at Paris Fashion Week
Apple’s Jony Ive and Marc Newson rubbed elbows with the fashion industry elite today at Colette, a high-end boutique in Paris. Famous fashion designers and members of the press flocked to Colette for a one-day event to see the Apple…Read
Apple sues headphone maker who claims to be Beats co-founder
Having previously filed multi-million dollars suits against Chinese knockoff brands, Beats is now suing one of its own — or at least someone who claims to be one of its own. In a lawsuit filed late last week, Beats filed…Read
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Apple Unveils Apple Watch — Apple’s Most Personal Device Ever
Apple has unveiled Apple Watch — its most personal device ever — featuring revolutionary new technologies and a pioneering user interface with a beautiful design that honors the rich tradition of precision watchmaking. Apple Watch introduces a specially designed and
Apple Announces iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — the Biggest Advancements in iPhone History
Apple has announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest advancements in iPhone history, featuring two new models with stunning 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch Retina HD displays, and packed with innovative technologies in an all-new dramatically thin and seamless design.
Apple Announces Apple Pay
Apple has announced Apple Pay, a new category of service that will transform mobile payments with an easy, secure, and private way to pay. Apple Pay works with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus through a groundbreaking NFC antenna design,
Apple and U2 Release Album Exclusively for iTunes Store Customers
Apple, Universal Music Group, and legendary rock band U2 have announced the release of the album “Songs of Innocence,” which Apple is gifting to iTunes Store customers around the world, making it the largest album release ever with over half
Apple Updates MacBook Pro with Retina Display
Apple today updated MacBook Pro with Retina display with faster processors, double the memory in both entry-level configurations, and a new, lower starting price for the top-of-the-line 15-inch notebook. Apple also lowered the starting price of the non-Retina 13-inch MacBook
Apple Reports Third Quarter Results
Apple today announced financial results for its fiscal 2014 third quarter ended June 28, 2014. The company posted quarterly revenue of $37.4 billion and quarterly net profit of $7.7 billion, or $1.28 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue
Apple Announces Eighth Annual iTunes Festival in London
Apple today announced that Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, Beck, Sam Smith, Blondie, Kylie, David Guetta, 5 Seconds of Summer, Calvin Harris, Chrissie Hynde, and many more of the world’s biggest artists will headline this year’s iTunes Festival. Returning to the
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