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iPhone 6 Case Compared to iPhone 5s, Nexus 5 and Galaxy Note 3 in New Video
Weve seen several examples of cases designed for the rumored 4.7-inch version of the upcoming iPhone 6, and in a new video, Unbox Therapy compares a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 case to the iPhone 5s, the Nexus 5 and the Galaxy
Apple CEO Tim Cook: It 'Means More to Us to Get it Right' Than to Be First
During the question and answer section of todays financial earnings call Apple CEO Tim Cook explained why the company has been slow to put products out in 2014, pointing towards the company’s attention to detail and desire to perform at
Apple Has Acquired 24 Companies in Last 18 Months
During todays second quarter earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple has purchased a total of 24 companies during the course of the last 18 months, some that are
Former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to Join Apple Next Week
During today’s second quarter earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company’s new retail and online leader, Angela Ahrendts, will be joining the company next week. Ahrendts first resigned from British luxury fashion house Burberry in October of
Apple Reports Record March Quarter Results, Splits Stock and Boosts Share Buyback
Apple today announced financial results for the first calendar quarter and second fiscal quarter of 2014. For the quarter, Apple posted revenue of $45.6 billion and net quarterly profit of $10.2 billion,
Apple Leaves Users Vulnerable By Not Fixing iOS and OS X Security Issues Simultaneously
Notable computer security researcher Kristin Paget, who worked on Apples security team before leaving for Tesla in early 2014, has taken to her blog (via Ars Technica) to criticize Apple for fixing more than a dozen security flaws in iOS
GameStop Expanding Beyond Video Games with Aggressive Growth Plans for Simply Mac Stores
Major video game retailer GameStop is making a significant push to broaden its business, expanding its retail operations with new brands and stores that will focus on Apple gear and AT&T Mobility products, reports The Star-Telegram.
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iPad luring in new users: over 2/3 of Apple's iPad buyers were new to iPad
Over two thirds of people registering an iPad in the last six months were new to iPad, while over half of those registering iPhone were new to iPhone, Tim Cook revealed, highlighting the attraction and loyalty effects Apple is observing
Rumor: Apple's 'iPhone 6' may sport curved edges, display glass
A report on Wednesday claims Apples next-generation iPhone may employ a curved chassis design and accompanying display glass, a vast departure from the substantially squared-off design used on existing Apple handsets.
Tim Cook: Angela Ahrendts to join Apple next week, thanks outgoing CFO Peter Oppenheimer
During Apples quarterly earnings conference call, chief executive Tim Cook said he looked forward to welcoming Angela Ahrendts as the companys new retail and online leader next week, while offering public thanks to outgoing chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer.
Apple's Cook touts Microsoft Office for iPad, says it could have come sooner
Apple CEO Tim Cook on Wednesday said that Microsofts Office for iPad is a "key franchise" in enterprise, an area where Apple is pushing for tablet dominance, but admitted the software could have come a bit sooner.
Apple 'on the prowl' with 24 acquisitions in last year and a half
Apple has bought two-dozen companies in the last 18 months, it was revealed on Wednesday, and more deals are likely on the way, with Tim Cook describing Apple as "on the prowl" for potential acquisitions that make sense.
Apple announces 20M Apple TVs sold since debut
As the tail end of Apples quarterly conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook threw out a somewhat surprising statistic, saying the company has sold some 20 million Apple TV units since the product first launched in 2007.
Apple's Q2 iPhone sales boom, carry declining iPad performance
During its quarterly conference call for the second quarter of 2014 on Wednesday, Apple announced huge growth for its iPhone lineup, while iPad sales were
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The best timekeeping iOS apps
As someone who runs a freelance consulting business, its important to track my time accurately so that I can bill my clients properly, and there just so happens to be a plethora of standalone timekeeping apps available for iOS.How do you
Insurgency review: Tactical shooter that takes time to learn but is immense fun
There hasn’t been a new tactical shooter on the Mac in a while. But leave it to an independent developer then to dish up some sweet tactical goodness in the form of Insurgency (Steam link). Tactical shooters are defined by
Review: 1Password 4.5 brings a mature security app into the world of iOS 7
In the past couple years, apps that store secure data on a Mac or iOS device have become a pretty common sight; the need for some kind of “secure vault” where you can stash everything from passwords to credit card
IK Multimedia’s iLoud is a Bluetooth speaker even a musician can love
There’s a lot of gear out there for your Apple devices, but how do you know which are worth your time and what’s not worth your money? In our Gear We Love column, Macworld’s editors tell you about the products
Olloclip's 3-in-1 macro lens opens up a whole new tiny world
The iPhone 5s has an excellent array of hardware and software features that make it a great tool for taking photos, but there’s only so much it can do with a fixed lens and a digital zoom. Olloclip’s line of
Diablo III: Reaper of Souls review: Expansion to popular adventure game checks all of the boxes(...)
Diablo III () was a good-but-not-great dungeon crawler that managed to infuriate old fans and failed to satisfy critics clamoring for Blizzard to once again raise the bar. The game demonstrated the well-worn formula of
OmniOutliner 4 Pro review: Top-notch Mac outliner gets a new interface
I admit it. I’m a proud member of the Cult of Outliners. Outlines are the best tool I’ve ever found to create my book and other writing projects, presentations, business plans, and more. My love for outlining programs goes back
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MacDailyNews presents live notes from Apple’s Q214 Conference Call
MacDailyNews presents live notes from Apple’s Q214 Conference Call...
Apple announces 7-for-1 stock split; boosts dividend, ups buybacks to $90 billion
Apple today announced that its Board of Directors has authorized...
Apple smashes Street with revenue of $45.65 billion in Q214
Apple Q214 profit $11.62 a share...
Apple’s hit factory
Steve Jobs Apple resembles Steve Jobs Pixar...
Exclusive apps likely to become standard for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android; plus ‘The (...)
Apple and Google have been making deals with top app creators...
Get 50GB of iDrive iOS cloud storage for 99 cents per year
Cloud-storage provider iDrive has extended this appealing deal to iOS users...
Can Apple’s future plans save it from an earnings implosion?
As is now the case with Apple, guidance is the key...
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Cook: iPad sales actually better than expected, figures are misleading
On paper, the sales of the iPad in Apples fiscal second quarter look bad: a 16 percent drop from the year-ago quarter, rumors of which already had pundits and business sites wondering if
FCC distributes new 'Open Internet' rules internally ahead of May vote
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will circulate new open Internet regulations internally on Thursday. The new proposal will allow companies to pay Internet providers a fee for special access to customers and boosted
Apple announces historic 7:1 stock split, increases buyback program
In a surprise announcement, Apple will do a 7:1 stock split on June 6, giving stockholders of record as of June 2 an additional six shares for every one share of stock they
Angela Ahrendts to join Apple 'next week,' says Tim Cook
Former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts will be joining Apple as its retail head next week, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed today during the companys Q2 conference call. Ahrendts has been confirmed as making
Apple Q2 numbers show loss in iPad revenue, growth in China and Japan
As a part of announcing its second-quarter results, Apple has also posted a detailed breakdown (PDF), exposing further facts. They reveal for instance that Apples iPad revenues dropped 13 percent year-over-year, shifting from
Apple touts $45.6 billion in Q2 2014 revenues
Apple has posted $45.6 billion in revenues in its second fiscal quarter, up from $43.6 billion the same period a year ago. Net profits rose from $9.5 billion to $10.2 billion, or from
Briefly: Viber 4.2 for iPhone, new STM laptop bags
Calling and messaging app, Viber, today has announced an update for its iPhone app featuring a redesign for iOS 7. Viber facilitates free world-wide calling and messaging over a WiFi or 3G connections
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Apple beats analyst estimates for second-quarter earnings
Even in a quarter that saw no product introductions, Apple boosted its sales and profits over the previous year. The company released its fiscal second-quarter earnings report on Wednesday, reporting revenue of $45.6 billion and a net profit of $10.2
Live Coverage: Apple's 2Q 2014 earnings briefing
Gross margins, net income, financial analysts—oh my! It’s time once again for the quarterly ritual known as the “Apple earnings report.” As always, we’ll have live coverage of the conference call from Apple CEO Tim Cook as it comes in.
Reading List: Green machine
There’s plenty of news out there, and if you don’t slow down once in a while, you might miss it. Here are a few of the bigger stories making the rounds this Wednesday.iOS 7.1.1 Now Labels Apps with ‘In-App Purchases’
Apple releases Heartbleed fix for AirPort Base Stations
Apple on Tuesday patched a bug in its most recent AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule models related to the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability discovered earlier this month.The update, AirPort Base Station Firmware Update 7.7.3, is only for the AirPort Extreme and
Apple launches Beta Seed for OS X program for end users
Ever dreamed of an opportunity to try out new versions of OS X before they’re released, but without having to pony up the $99 to become a registered developer? Well, that opportunity’s here: On Tuesday, Apple announced a new initiative,
Why Apple is like a movie studio
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iOS 7.1.1 aims for Touch ID, keyboard fixes
If something about iOS 7.1 just didn’t sit right for you, no worries: Here comes iOS 7.1.1 to give it another shot.The update came down the pipes on Tuesday for all devices compatible with iOS 7, but if you’re expecting
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Kindle for iOS finally gets X-Ray Smart Look-Up
Amazons Kindle app is a wonderful alternative to Apples iBookstore, and its latest update has introduced two incredibly useful new features. The most basic improvement is quick access to a books table of contents in the apps
The TUAW Daily Update Podcast for April 23, 2014
Its the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. Youll get some the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of whats happening
Samsung is stealing away iPhone owners, but that's only half the story
With the release of Samsungs Galaxy S5, there is bound to be a whole lot of people upgrading their current devices to the new Android flagship. CNET recently ran a story on the number of iPhone owners
Jimi: A brilliant little innovation for iMac owners
The late great rock guitarist Jimi Hendrix was an innovator, doing things with amplifier feedback that had never been done before and changing the sound of rock music forever. Now design firm Bluelounge has given Jimis name
Apple announces 7-1 stock split, dividend increase, and expanded captial return program
Apple today released its earnings results from its second fiscal quarter of 2014, posting revenue of $45.6 billion and EPS of 11.62 in the process. Overall, iPhone sales came in stronger than expected while iPad sales came
Apple Q2 2014 Earnings Call liveblog
Apple Q2 2014 earnings results
The results are in: Apple just announced its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2014 (ending March 31, 2014) and here are the highlights.Apple posted quarterly revenue of $45.6 billion and quarterly net profit
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9 Key Takeaways From Apple’s Surprising Earnings Call
Apple turned what could have been a deathly boring financial ritual into an occasion for celebration Wednesday, posting record numbers and making headlines with some unexpected moves. Here’s our take on everything you need to know from the latest quarterly…Read
Jumping Jaxx Reinvents Endless-Jumper Gameplay
The app store is notoriously known for having tons of endless runner games. While some developers are sticking to the running genre, others have taken to jumping. The new app Jumping Jaxx is an endless jumper where players must swipe…Read
Apple Bares Bottom Line: Live Coverage Of Q2 Earnings Call
Tim Cook will put his iPhone on speaker this afternoon to tell the world how much money Apple has made selling us insanely great gadgets, and we’ll be liveblogging the call. During the quarterly earnings report, which starts at 2…Read
New iOS Game Bonsai Slice Turns Your iPad Into A Sword
If you’ve ever wanted to slash and hack your way around a party full of your friends, now may be the time. Bonsai Slice is a new free-to-play multi-player iPad-only party game that has you using your iPad as a…Read
Mujjo Low-Key Macbook Sleeve Is Full Of Understated Style
Not everyone has a fancy computer backpack or messenger bag. Some folks just have non-techie backpacks, bags, or luggage, and they’re perfectly fine with that. 13-inch Macbook Sleeve by Mujjo Category: Macbook Cases Works With: Macbook Pro, Macbook Air 13-inch…Read
Amazon Inks Deal To Bring HBO Shows To Prime & Fire TV
Amazon has inked a deal with HBO to bring popular shows like True Blood and The Wire to Prime Instant Video subscribers without an HBO subscription. The deal will also see an HBO GO app brought to the new Amazon Fire TV, but it’ll…Read
Amazon Inks Deal To Bring HBO Shows To Prime & Fire TV
Amazon has inked a deal with HBO to bring popular shows like True Blood and The Wire to Prime Instant Video subscribers without an HBO subscription. The deal will also see an HBO GO app brought to the new Amazon Fire TV, but it’ll…Read
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Apple Reports Second-Quarter Results
Apple has announced financial results for its fiscal 2014 second quarter ended March 29, 2014. The company posted quarterly revenue of $45.6 billion and quarterly net profit of $10.2 billion, or $11.62 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue
Apple Expands Capital Return Program to Over $130 Billion and Announces Seven-for-One Stock Split
Apple has announced that its Board of Directors authorized another significant increase to the company’s program to return capital to shareholders. The company expects to use a total of over $130 billion of cash under the expanded program by the
Apple Outlines Progress of Environmental Efforts
To coincide with Earth Day, Apple has launched an entirely new version of its Environmental Responsibility website. The site outlines how the company is reducing its impact on climate change, using greener materials, and conserving resources. A video narrated by
Next-Generation Hearing Aids Tune In to iPhone
Re/code writes about the benefits of Made for iPhone hearing aids for people such as 29-year-old Dusty Dorey, who enjoys visiting his local pub where his hearing aid automatically compensates for the noise levels inside. The article describes the built-in
Using Tablets to Reach Kids With Autism
CNN describes how iPad devices are helping autistic children learn communication and social skills. The article features an app called Flummox & Friends, created by Christa Dahlstrom, who was inspired by her autistic son to create a fully scripted TV
Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Kicks Off June 2 in San Francisco
Apple has announced that it will hold its annual Worldwide Developers Conference June 2 through June 6 at San Francisco’s Moscone West. At the conference, developers from around the world will learn about the future of iOS and OS X.
Apple Leads Shift Toward Cleaner Internet
A Greenpeace study shows that Apple leads the way in making the Internet greener and more sustainable, according to The Telegraph. Greenpeace’s “Clicking Clean” report looked at 19 major tech companies and concluded that Apple — with all its data
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